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San Lorenzo

The restaurant

If we would like to talk about characteristic places in Italy, we would be embarrassed by its wide selection. Even if we look at the map of our country, we cannot fail to focus our attention on the Sirmione peninsula, which cuts through the southern part of Lake Garda.
The eye also wants its part, so we invite you to explore the city, enjoying yourself on the shores of the lake or the Roman remains discovered here.
And after a visit, what could be nicer than to satisfy the other senses? Taste is one of the most important senses for man and in particular in the Belpaese region that guides us towards our goal.

The perfect place to enjoy life and food

If you are lucky enough to pass in front of the restaurant San Lorenzo, your attention will be immediately captured by the veranda that welcomes customers on hot summer evenings. The lime trees cross their branches to offer a cover from the starry sky, so that not even the gods can peek into your plate, while a series of lights appear between the leaves like so many fruits waiting to be picked.
The tables under this veranda remind us of the family atmosphere so common in Italian families, in which people can return to feel the human warmth. This, however, should not make us fear for the quality of food that you can taste, motive for pride since 1977, the year in which San Lorenzo began to delight its customers.
In fact, although this picturesque setting is delightful to accompany the various courses, it is what we will find in our course to arouse the curiosity of most patrons. The answer?
Whether you are looking for the satisfaction of lake and sea fish dishes, from oysters to trout in a salt crust (to satisfy every appetite) or you are looking for the most immediate and common satisfaction of a classic Italian pizza, you will be happy to be sitting under the limes of San Lorenzo.
What if you don't like fish and pizza? The answer could be a dish of tortelloni rather than a Florentine steak, all accompanied by a bottle of excellent local wine.
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And with regard to this point, could San Lorenzo offer poor wine to its patrons? Not when passion drives your hand and your menu.
And here we are, following the saying "In the small barrel there is the good wine" that have turned to the small local wine producers of the Garda territory, to bring on your table the best choice of wine.
Lugana bottles and labels of the territory are just some of the companions who will cheer up your evenings spent scrutinizing the stars through the lime blossoms.
In short: no matter what your culinary preferences are: San Lorenzo is ready to satisfy them, always being mindful of the presentation of the meal because, well... as we said before: the eye wants its part.
In fact, just look at the photos of black tagliolini with shrimp and rocket or the grill of the day to hear a familiar languor born in the least poetic part of our body, regardless of the time of day.
However, the restaurant does not end there: does the sparkling evening air not suit you? Are you frighteningly and unfortunately allergic to the lime tree? You can always stay in the white dining room, where you can be in company with the wooden beams on the white ceiling, there will be wines selected for you that embellish the walls.

"All accompanied by the courtesy of the staff that, despite the high influx of customers, will be happy to guide you in this gastronomic experience that you can only find in the country of good food."

Just think of enjoying Sirmione and its beauties

San Lorenzo Ristorante
Via San Salvatore 12 / 25019 Sirmione (Bs) – Centro Storico
T. +39 030 916186 / F. +39 030 9904284